SideNotes (BETA)

Handy notes made clean and simple.
  • Beautiful, clean user interface.
  • Always on your side. Hidden or shown.
  • Markdown text formatting or no formatting.
  • Pictures. Just drop them.
  • Tasks.
  • Organize your notes in folders.
  • Monospaced font for code.
  • And much more.

Get Beta

Soon we're going to release beta for subscribers of our newsletter. New subscribers will also get the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will SideNotes be part of Setapp?
  • One time payment or subscription?
    One time payment
  • ś
  • Minimum system requirements?
    macOS 10.14
  • What about light interface?
    Out of the box. It's up to your system preferences.
  • When will it be released?
    August 2019
  • What about FiveNotes?
    We will be developing both apps. Different kinds of users need different products. New features like tasks and colors will become of FiveNotes, too.