Alfred Workflow

Alfred is a powerful app that looks like Spotlight but has far more features. Besides searching, it offers hotkeys, keywords, text expansions and more. It can be easily integrated with other apps and now it's integrated with SideNotes, as well.



To use SideNotes with Alfred, you need to download SideNotes workflow and install it. Please note that workflows are not part of free Alfred versions You need to buy the Powerpack first. Once you download the file, you just need to open it.



SideNotes workflow offers:

  • keywords (commands) – most of them starts with sn prefix;
  • possibility to define a global hotkey, so you can create a note with a selected text;
  • ability to save current text (in Alfred) or the selected file in SideNotes;
  • a fallback search.

Creating Notes

You can create a new note using sn note command or its short version :

sn note hello world


: hello world

Then, once you press return key, you choose a folder and it's done.

Creating a note

Creating Notes From Selected Text or File

You can create a note using selected text in any app. Or using a selected file in Finder.

Simple press \. Now you need to choose Save in SideNotes option. Then choose a folder and your note is created.


You can set a hotkey for this action. Then you won't have to choose Save in SideNotes action. To do so, open Alfred Preferences, go to Workflows, select SideNotes, and find Selection in macOS object. Double click it, and set a hotkey.


Creating Folders

To create a new folder, enter:

sn folder Folder Name


To start searching, enter:

sn search text you're looking for

Fallback Search

You can also start searching with entering the text you're looking for in Alfred and choosing Search SideNotes for '(...)' option.


Please note that this option is not enabled by default. It's available by configuring a Fallback Search:

  1. Open Alfred Preferences
  2. Go to Features and look for Fallbacks section at the end.
  3. Click Setup fallback results'.
  4. Click + button and choose Search SideNotes for '{query}' from Workflow Trigger.
  5. Click save.

Choosing Theme

To quickly set a theme, enter:

sn theme

now choose a theme from the list, press return key and enjoy SideNotes in a new look.


Show SideNotes Preferences

You can quickly access SideNotes Preferences:

sn pref


SideNotes allows you to use your notes as snippets. You can quickly copy note content by pressing a C in the Search window.

With Alfred, it works even better. Simple enter snippet command, find your note and press to copy note content or to copy and paste it in the active app.



We've published the workflow on GitHub:

One More Thing

Check out SideNotes theme for Alfred: