SideNotes Features

What Makes SideNotes Different?

It combines the simplicity of sticky notes and the convenience of complex note-taking apps.

It Sticks to Your Screen Edge

Note down on the side with your project still in sight. Your notes are displayed over other apps. Even while in full screen.

It Grabs Notes Instantly

SideNotes allows you to take quick notes, without changing your context. You can define a global keyboard shortcut to quickly add your notes.

Beautiful and Solid

Simple Yet Full‐Featured

Quick access and plenty of features makes it convenient and fun to use.

When You Need More than Words

Save screenshots, task lists, fragments of code, shortcuts to files and folders. All of these and more are supported by SideNotes.

Exporting notes to images

Exporting Notes to Images

You can export any note to an image and send it to your friend or publish it as a social media post.

Screenshots and Pictures

Where do you keep your screenshots? Desktop is not the place.

You can save them in SideNotes. Just drop a newly-taken screenshot into the app. Everything's clean and within reach.

Sketches and Photos from iPhone and iPad

Long press + button and take a photo using your iPhone or iPad. Draw a sketch or scan a document and import it into SideNotes. Read more


File and Folder Shortcuts

Drag and drop a file or a folder. SideNotes saves a shortcut with a preview. Double-click to open it. Read more



If you're a graphic designer or a developer, sometimes you need to save a color in the #rrggbb format. SideNotes renders it nicely. Copy it with a single click. Read more


Code Snippets

Ever needed to create a text file to save a temporary fragment of code? Just put it into SideNotes and set the text formatting to Code. Read more

Minimalistic and Great-Looking

Once you start using SideNotes, you'll probably take lots of notes.
Distinguish them with colors and use Markdown to format the text.
And as SideNotes is your daily app, style it by choosing your favourite theme, set note colors & format the text with Markdown.



Elegant, vibrant, minimalistic. Choose your favourite or create your own one. Fit the theme to your mood or time of day. For more information visit Themes page.

Note Colors

Note Colors

You can select a color for your note to visually distinguish it. Choose a bar or background color. Read more



Quickly format text by using a subset of Markdown syntax.

Automation & Integration

Integrate SideNotes with other apps, automate your tasks using Shortcuts Actions and Apple Script API.


Shortcuts Actions

Automate your daily tasks. Create notes and folders and integrate SideNotes with other apps. Read more

Apple Script

Apple Script

Create and modify notes and folders, search for them and get their content. You can use Apple Script to integrate SideNotes with other apps. Read more

Alfred Workflow

Alfred Workflow

Download our Alfred workflow and take notes even faster, quickly search for them, use snippets and more. Read more

There are More Features

Lots of settings, automatic backups and iCloud synchronization.

We truly love making this app, so this is not the end. Stay in touch!



Use as it is or make a few tweaks. Choose where and how to display the app. Set your favourite appearance, decide how to display the text and set up the global keyboard shortcuts.


Automatic Backups

SideNotes makes backups of your notes automatically. So if you accidentally delete a note or a folder, you keep you chances of bringing it back.

iCloud Sync

iCloud Synchronization

Now you can sync your notes between your computers.

iCloud synchronisation requires macOS 11 or newer.