for iOS Beta

For past months we've been working on SideNotes for iOS and iPadOS. Now, we're excited to publish a beta version.



What are the system requirements?

iOS / iPadOS 15

Does the app synchronise with macOS app?

Of course, it does. That's why we're making it.

How is that app different from the regular SideNotes (for macOS)?

Most of the app behaves the same way as the macOS app, but we didn't want to make an exact copy of it. Mobile User Interfaces are simpler and we wanted to make the app in this way. The app comes with basic features, but also it provides some extra ones that are not available on macOS. Due to technical differences of operating systems, mobile version doesn't support file shortcuts. On iPadOS, you can also use SlideOver to have a bit of similar way of accessing the app like on macOS.

How much will it cost once it's released?

We haven't set the final price yet, but it will be probably $9.99. Of course, during Beta tests you can use it for free. After the release, to continue using the app, you will have to buy it. And it will be one-time payment.

When will it be finally released?

September October 2022