It's definitely something that's going to assist you almost like having post-it notes on your screen without necessarily having post-in notes on your screen.
I want to say that your app is the fastest note-taking app I have ever used. I also love the ability to add new notes by using the shortcut. And I can add images to notes! The quick entry in Todoist and Things can't do that!
Ted Nguyen
Ted Nguyen
Software Engineer, Blogger
I love that I always have my notes accessible and in front of me no matter what I'm doing, always, while at the same time they never take up any extra space on my screen or clutter things up. (...) Check out the video
I wanted something like "quick notes" but I didn’t know what I wanted. I just tried every single "note app" out there. And a few days ago I finally found something I need. Minimalistic side notes, notes at hand! I immediately fell in love with SideNotes. It’s a masterpiece.
Martin Blahovský
Martin Blahovský
Medical Student
I have tried Stickies, Notes, and other note-taking apps, but I needed a way to quickly take notes (that I could keep organized) without switching away from the window I was working in. Then I found SideNotes. Its always available, non-intrusive interface was exactly what I was looking for. I purchased SideNotes within 24 hours of starting the 30-day free trial.
Garth Leach
Garth Leach
I have been using your SideNotes for two weeks and it has already become one of the best productivity apps I have ever used. It is one of the apps that makes the mac experience better and better. And I cannot thank you enough...
I was an instant fan of SideNotes within minutes of installing. Love having lightning-fast access to my notes, categorized, and formatted exactly like I want. I live on my MacBook Pro, so this is the perfect solution for me.
I've been using SideNotes since Marcin first showed me back in May. It is a handy program for keeping my notes nearby. My notes are organized and always around when I need it. Just one click on the side bar and I have an easy place to put and get to my notes. Thanks for a wonderful product!
I got tired of being on the phone, and the person asking if I had a pen or paper for a confirmation number or something like that. Before I would go to my menu bar and try (and fail) to open a quick note app I had previously installed.
Most of the time though, I just looked for a pen on my desk instead and wrote it down by hand since other quick note apps are not nearly as easy to bring up when you have 30+ menu bar items installed like I do. I like SideNotes because its simple but full featured. It keeps my random notes in order and its always there for me. (In my case with a couple of hot keys that make it even easier to call up.) The fact that it has folders and looks great is just more bonus on an already very useful app.
I am a coder so I spend the majority of my working hours on my Mac. I have been through hundreds of software packages trying to find anything that will make me more productive and at the same time make work more enjoyable. It’s easy to find software that looks great and has tons of features.
It’s fun to try new things, but very seldom do I find much that is truly useful on a day to day basis. Apptorium seem to have hit the sweet-spot. Every single one of the programs I have purchased from them are extremely useful to me. They make fantastic menu bar apps too. I can’t imagine how I ever managed without Workspaces. It takes away the hardest part of getting started for the day. One click and all the software packages that I use are ready to go. No more “open recent” and now I can simplify and clean my Mac dock too. The awesome part about TeaCode is its a stand-alone snippet manager so you can use it with any editor you choose. Setting up trigger codes is super easy and editing snippets is very simple. TeaCode continues the philosophy that appears to be the core of Apptorium’s goals which is to keep their software simple yet super useful. Lastly I would say that FiveNotes is the best menu bar app I have found since I have been using the Mac. At first glance it looks like any other note taking menu bar app, but look closer and you can switch between five different note pads. Dark mode on Mojave is amazing. Apptorium are great at support too. I’d highly recommend giving all their products a trial run.