iCloud synchronization has been introduced in SideNotes 1.3. Here you'll find all the necessary information about it.

System Requirements

iCloud synchronization requires macOS 11 and enabled iCloud account.

How to enable / disable synchronization?

You can choose if you want to use iCloud synchronization or not anytime.

First decision is made in the Introduction window, by the first start of the app. If you want, you can change it in Preferences, in Data tab.

After disabling iCloud synchronization, your data still remains in iCloud. To make sure you deleted everything from iCloud, delete all your folders from SideNotes before you disable the synchronization.

How it Works?

Your notes are stored in iCloud

The basic principle is that iCloud is the place where your data is stored. Your devices stores copy of your data and synchronizes it with the server. If you accidentally delete your data files, SideNotes will download your data from the iCloud.

Last-modified note is the right note

In case when you edit a note on two computers before changes are synchroznied (e.g. you have no Internet connection), the note that was saved last will be saved in iCloud.


If you find any problem with the synchronization, please visit this page and send us a message via our Contact form.

Information for users of SideNotes 1.2.x or older

Is iCloud Synchronization Necessary?

No, you don't have to enable it.

There is now one place for data

Up to version 1.2.x, each SideNotes (depending if it was downloaded from our website, SetApp or App Store) had stored your data in a separated folder. It means that you could have the app downloaded from our website and from the App Store, and both would have their own data set.

SideNotes 1.3 works similarly, but it synchronizes your data with one iCloud database and - if iCloud synchronization is enabled - eventually all instances of the app will have the same data.