Using Colors

If you're working with graphics, user interfaces or web pages, you probably need to remember some nice colors. Usually you can do it with built-in Color Panel. However, it's just a set of all colors from all the projects you're working on.

Colors Screenshot

SideNotes can remember colors within notes. You can simply drag a color and drop it in a note. Or at note list – that will create a completely new note with that color. And it works in the other way – drag colors saved in SideNotes and drop them into apps you're working with. Or just click a color and its hexadecimal representation will go right into your Pasteboard. That's super useful for web developers.

Technically colors are saved as text, in #rrggbb represention. It's really nice when you just type a color like #aa3344, and what you get is actually the color. And when you select it and copy, you will still get its hexadecimal representation in your Pasteboard.