Keyboard Shortcuts

SideNotes can be operated using keyboard only, so you can use the app super fast.

If you are not sure what particular symbol means, move the mouse cursor over it and wait until a tooltip is displayed.

Accessing the App

  • shows or hides the app (configurable in Preferences)
  • W closes the app window
  • configurable: pins the app window (see Preferences » Shortcuts)

Creating New Notes

  • N creates a new note in current folder. If no folder is chosen, application asks to choose or create a new one. The shortcut works globally, that means it does not require the app to be open. You can change also modify it in Preferences)
  • configurable: create a note from the Pasteboard (see Preferences)

Managing Notes

  • N creates a new folder or a new note while being in the app window
  • deletes a note
  • M moves note to another folder
  • moves note up
  • moves note down


  • O switches the current folder to the last-open one
  • enters a folder
  • and switches between notes
  • moves back to the folder list


  • + and - increases or decreases the font size
  • opens Share menu
  • T creates a task. If more than one line is selected, each one becomes a task. When pressed in existing task, it removes it.
  • . changes the state of the task
  • P inserts a picture into the note
  • H creates a header
  • ] shifts the text right
  • [ shifts the text left
  • B makes the selected text bold
  • I makes the selected text italic
  • L creates a list from the selected text
  • L create an ordered (with numbers) list from the selected text
  • 0 sets empty color for the note
  • 1 ... 6 sets a color for the note


  • C copies selected note text
  • C copies selected note content (text without the first line which is supposed to be a header)
  • R launches a website which address is in the second line of the note (first line is supposed to be a header and contain a website title)
  • and Click: opens the folder which contains the selected note