SideNotes 1.4

Introducing Shortcuts actions, exporting notes to images, new apple script commands, Quick Look for images and files and other small improvements and bug fixes.

SideNotes 1.4

New Features

  • Apple Shortcuts support

    Create shortcuts with SideNotes actions: create, edit, find and show notes, create, find and show folders, export notes to images, find and set theme. Integrate the app with other apps and make it work your way.

    Requires macOS 12
    Apple Shortcuts support
  • New Apple Scripts commands

    You can make even more in Apple Script API: search for notes, folders and themes, set theme, create new notes according to global "Creating Notes" settings.

    New Apple Scripts commands
  • Exporting note to image

    Now you can export any note to a nice image that you can use to send it to your friend or publish as a Twitter or Instagram post. Choose a background (or keep it transparent), size ratio and margins. Click Share button or set it to be exported via Drag and Drop.

    Exporting note to image
  • Quick look for images and files

    Preview any file or image via Quick Look: click the image or file and press the space key.

    Quick look for images and files
  • Moving a note to a new folder

    Forget about going back to folder list to create a new folder that you are going to move the note to. Just click Move button and choose "Move to a New Folder" option.

    Moving a note to a new folder
  • Quickly opening note folder in Search

    If you want to open the folder that contains the found note, simply press and click it.

    Quickly opening note folder in Search
  • Launching website addresses from note in Search window

    If you have a note that contains a title (first line) and a website address (second line), you can quickly launch it by pressing R right in the Search window.

    Launching website addresses from note in Search window
  • An option to disable drop on the screen side

    By default, SideNotes opens its window once you drag a file on the screen side. It's very convenient, but in some cases it might be disturbing. Now, you can disable it in Preferences -> Importing.

    An option to disable drop on the screen side
  • Options for file importing

    You can enable automatic moving imported text files and images to Trash. You can also decide if image and text files should be imported as images and text or file shortcuts.

    Options for file importing


  • Indentions in lists
  • Corrected line spacing in lists
  • Updated Showcase folder
  • Redesigned Introduction window

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled spell checking and autocorrection in Code mode
  • Fixed drag and drop of folders to other apps (e.g. Workspaces)
  • Corrected colors of list numbers and bullets
  • Corrected Back button menu. Sometimes it was displayed incorrectly
  • Disabled dropping note on note
  • Text replacements did not work

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.15 or newer
  • for iCloud synchronization: macOS 11 or newer
  • for Shortcuts support: macOS 12 or newer


  • $19.99, one time payment
  • free update for SideNotes 1.x users


You can download this release here.