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Workspaces requires macOS 10.11 or newer

Opening the same documents, websites, e-mails, etc over and over again is distractive, boring and tiring. It’s getting even harder when you deal with a few projects a day. The worst part is after a few hours of work, when you try to recall what were you to open next.

We used to know that problem before we made Workspaces: an app that does that boring job for you.

Workspaces remembers where all that stuff is and opens it very quickly. Just choose the project, click START and all previously chosen (purple dot) resources are launched. You can open individual resources separately, as well.

It helps you to stay more focused while working on multiple projects. And it does it in a very clean way.


@apptorium it's like I've died and gone to heaven with Workspaces.

Over 300 upvotes

Damn, this is gonna save tons of time and obliterate switching costs.

Whoa, @apptorium’s Workspaces seems really cool! Definitely will be helpful when working on websites (Sketch, Coda 2, Toggl, & Finder open)

I just love how Workspaces (@apptorium) allows me to switch between work projects and private stuff, best of all... it's part of @setapp!

Once you see what Workspaces can do, you'll wind up using it for all your projects.

I've been very impressed by the app so far and look forward to seeing what the developer adds in future versions.

A dream tool that’s made by people for people, elegantly solving the annoying part of switching between projects, simple and genius. From now on, there’s no way out for your motivation, seriously.

Vlad Sargu (www.vsart.me)
Vlad Sargu (www.vsart.me)

As a freelance web designer who manages several sites and accounts from maintenance to content creation, it’s a serious time saver being able to minimize my clicks. Workspaces is a beautiful, minimal app that gives me an organized one-click option for all those projects along with the apps and urls that correspond with each. Apptorium’s support is top-notch as well.

Workspace is an amazing app. Each time I work on a new project, I set a new Workspace and it boosts my productivity. I don't need to spend time on my folder to open the documents I need, no time to look at my Bookmarks in the web browser. With Workspace, I can open whatever I want, whenever I want in a second. All I need is gathered in one app!

How It Works

Editing your workspaces (that's how we call a project) is really easy. Just click Edit button and you'll see the editor window. All you need is to drag and drop your resources or click + button to add them manually. You can choose which ones will be run when you click START button.

There are also some advance features. Workspaces allows to set application which runs a resource, so you can open one website in different web browsers. The same way you can choose an application that will open your folders or documents. You can also open Terminal in specified folder.


Open Your Stuff Quickly
Open all the stuff you need really quickly, using single Statusbar icon.
Increase Your Productivity
Stop looking for important resources. Workspaces remembers where they are.
Beautiful User Interface
We really pay attention to the user interface — to make it nice, clear and non‐distractive.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Navigate the app using the keyboard only. Increase your productivity even more.
Open Multiple Resources At Once
You can choose certain resources to be run automatically when you click START button.
Workspace Archiving
Lots of projects? We knew it! Archive your workspaces. Or make them visible again if you need.


We prepared a PressKit that contains app icon and images. You can get it here.