Workspaces is one of the few apps that I use everyday, all the time, for a few years now. It's like one click - boom, all apps and files needed for a project is ready to go.
Sometimes "getting started" can be a hurdle for actually getting started "working". Before Workspaces, I would even procrastinate because switching from project A to project B means closing and opening a number of different things. Workspaces gets me started doing real work straightway, effortlessly!
As a researcher and teacher at a university, I am constantly dealing with changing tasks. Workspaces helps me to quickly access all the relevant resources. It's easy to use, yet very powerful and looks nice too. It has become an indispensable tool for me.
Marco Fraatz
Marco Fraatz
PhD, Academic
Workspaces is like having a shortcut to everything on your Mac in one place. Combining apps and documents next to each other and orgainishing by tasks and functions. It has changed the entire way I work for the better. I love it!
Jason Fernandez
Jason Fernandez
Film composer
This app is fantastic. As an example, I shoot screencasts fairly often but I also tend to forget to open some small apps that help in the recording process: an app for showing
keyboard keys, app for custom highlighter, app for enlarging a part of the screen, and so forth. Plus I tend to forget some shortcuts. In one go Workspaces opens all the relevant apps (especially the small ones I often forget about) and a general cheatsheet that reminds me of various shortcuts and other things I need to do before I press record. Workspaces makes the process simple, effective, and reduces my silly mistakes by about 90%.
Mathew Mitchell
Mathew Mitchell
Professor Emeritus, Learning & Instruction, School of Education, University of San Francisco
Your app takes away the unnecessary thinking I have to do when I navigate the overly complex folder trees I’ve setup.
The excellent Workspaces app from Apptorium.com has become one of the first apps I install when setting up a new system. It is that essential to me.
But what needs to be mentioned, aside from its amazing utility in bringing order to my various project workflows, is that the team behind Workspaces is *on it*! My experience has been that I got immediate answers to my support queries, was met with friendly and competent support, and got the feeling that the people behind the app really care about their software and their customers. And that is a rare thing these days. I could go on with all the features I like about Workspaces, but do yourself the favor of learning about them on apptorium's website and finding about all their other excellent offerings. No, I am not getting paid to write this, but I believe in supporting those who provide us with the services we need in order to complete our projects with success. That alone would be priceless, but their prices are such that everyone can afford to use their software.
Once in a while I have to build a website. Because it's not my everyday-job (or perhaps because I'm not the youngest developer anymore ;-)
I use to forget some details so I help myself with checklists in OmniOutliner, project-templates in OmniFocus etc. But the task remains complex enough: Which checklist did I use to open for static sites? Where did I stored the Git-repository for this site? Where is xScope?! I used to have it always open in this stage of the project! What was the name of the app for testing the responsiveness? And so on. So I started using Keyboard Maestro for this and everything was fine again. I would open everything that I need - specific files and apps - via a Keyboard Maestro-macro. And I'd start this macro with a simple, distinct keyboard shortcut. And for each similar project I would duplicate the Keyboard Maestro-macro, edit certain files or apps and give it another distinct keyboard shortcut. The world was simple again and I was happy. Until I got so many simple, distinct keyboard shortcuts that I couldn't remember them anymore! That was the moment I started searching for an app that does what I want - and found Workspaces. It was everything what I need - but much more elegant solved. Workspaces let you specify which app and files should open. You organize all this files and apps in… "Workspaces" and start them from a list with a mouse-click. This is the very case when a mouse-click is much more effective than a keyboard shortcut! But the Apptorium-team behind Workspaces did much more than that (the app is already in the Version 2) and it shows in the little details that make a developers day much more productive: from the sensible defaults to the thoughtful preferences it acts and feels like a really nice Mac-app - one of the many nice apps from Apptorium! I had a problem. I’ve kind of solved it… and then I really solved it with Workspaces! So now I'm feeling like the youngest developer again! ;-)
Workspace is an amazing app. Each time I work on a new project, I set a new Workspace and it boosts my productivity.
I don't need to spend time on my folder to open the documents I need, no time to look at my Bookmarks in the web browser. With Workspace, I can open whatever I want, whenever I want in a second. All I need is gathered in one app!
As a freelance web designer who manages several sites and accounts from maintenance to content creation, it’s a serious time saver being able to minimize my clicks.
Workspaces is a beautiful, minimal app that gives me an organized one-click option for all those projects along with the apps and urls that correspond with each. Apptorium’s support is top-notch as well.
A dream tool that’s made by people for people, elegantly solving the annoying part of switching between projects, simple and genius. From now on, there’s no way out for your motivation, seriously.
Vlad Sargu (www.vsart.me)
Vlad Sargu (www.vsart.me)
I've been very impressed by the app so far and look forward to seeing what the developer adds in future versions.
I just love how Workspaces (@apptorium) allows me to switch between work projects and private stuff, best of all... it's part of @setapp!
Whoa, @apptorium’s Workspaces seems really cool! Definitely will be helpful when working on websites (Sketch, Coda 2, Toggl, & Finder open)
Damn, this is gonna save tons of time and obliterate switching costs.
@apptorium it's like I've died and gone to heaven with Workspaces.