Technically, plugins are separate apps that communicate with Workspaces. They might work as actions (custom resources) and/or commands (additional commands in the Search window).

To install a plugin, download it and drag and drop the file on plugin list in Preferences -> Plugins.
If you want, you can also store your plugins in /Applications directory.

  • ScriptRunner


    Runs shell scripts inside Workspaces.

    Build your project, deploy it, make a cup coffee, turn the light off. It's up to you and your script.

  • AddResources


    Quickly add to your workspace websites open in Safari, Chrome, visible folders in Finder or all the open apps.

    To start enter :add command and you'll see possible variations, e.g. :add safari.

  • PlayMusic


    Play a favourite playlist in Music app and get into the mood right away.

    Or pause it when you finish your work.

  • QuitApps


    Quit chosen apps instantly.

    Get rid of all the distractions. Or quit all apps and be even more focused on your work.

  • Keystroke


    Triggers the defined keyboard shortcut.

    Requires macOS 13 or higher.