Plugins extend Workspaces functionality by providing additional actions that are added just like any other resource. For example you can quit unnecessary apps, play your favourite playlist or emulate key stroke.

There are also plugins that provide additional commands. For example AddResources plugin allow you to quickly add open apps, Safari tabs, etc.

You can learn more about them in this video.

To install a plugin, download it and drag and drop the file on plugin list in Settings -> Plugins.
If you want, you can also store your plugins in /Applications directory.

  • ScriptRunner


    Runs shell scripts inside Workspaces.

    Build your project, deploy it, make a cup coffee, turn the light off. It's up to you and your script.

  • AddResources


    Quickly add to your workspace websites open in Safari, Chrome, visible folders in Finder or all the open apps.

    To start enter :add command and you'll see possible variations, e.g. :add safari.

  • PlayMusic


    Play a favourite playlist in Music app and get into the mood right away.

    Or pause it when you finish your work.

  • QuitApps


    Quit chosen apps instantly.

    Get rid of all the distractions. Or quit all apps and be even more focused on your work.

  • Keystroke


    Triggers the defined keyboard shortcut.

    Requires macOS 13 or higher.