Project-based launcher that opens your files, folders, websites, apps etc. with one click.
Workspaces requires macOS 10.14 or newer

What does Workspaces do

  • Resources
    The app stores links to all the resources for a given project, so they are easy to access.
  • Start
    It lets you choose which resources open when you click START.
    You can also launch them individually whenever you need.
  • Finish
    The app helps you to clean everything up by launching things (like QuitApps plugin) when you click FINISH.
  • Open Things Open what you need without searching
  • Organize Resources Create workspaces (projects) with links to resources
  • Launch Open a whole project with one click
  • Switch Switch from project X to Y painlessly
  • Clean Up Clean up with one click (using QuitApps Plugin)

How does it work

Create once. Launch anytime.

What can you use as a resource for a workspace?

  • Folders Folders
  • Files Files
  • Applications Apps
  • E-mails
    (Mail app only)
  • Terminal Terminal
  • Websites Websites
  • Actions Actions (plugins)
  • URLs URLs
  • Shortcuts Shortcuts
You can perform additional actions with Plugins.
For example: quit apps, play favourite playlist or run a shell scripts.

How to create a workspace

To build a workspace drag chosen apps, links to websites, files, folders or choose them from the app menu. Like in the video below.

When it's useful

  • It’s perfect for long-term projects and multi‐project workflows
  • It cuts your every day preparation process — searching, organizing, opening
  • It remembers those rarely used apps, files and websites whose names you usually forget
  • It helps you keep your desktop clean

More Features

  • Take notes and tasks for each workspace
  • Apple Script API
  • Apple Shortcuts actions
  • Searching for workspaces and resources
  • Set apps that will open your files and folders
  • Use templates to quickly create new workspaces with certain structure
  • Launching emails (Mail app only)
  • URL support
  • Set custom Terminal and File Manager
  • Delaying resource starting
  • Setting resources launched on finish
  • Share Extension
  • Archive unused workspaces
  • Use separators to make clean resource list
  • Choose icons for your workspaces

How people use Workspaces

Workspaces is one of the few apps that I use everyday, all the time, for a few years now. It's like one click - boom, all apps and files needed for a project is ready to go.
Sometimes "getting started" can be a hurdle for actually getting started "working". Before Workspaces, I would even procrastinate because switching from project A to project B means closing and opening a number of different things. Workspaces gets me started doing real work straightway, effortlessly!
As a researcher and teacher at a university, I am constantly dealing with changing tasks. Workspaces helps me to quickly access all the relevant resources. It's easy to use, yet very powerful and looks nice too. It has become an indispensable tool for me.
Marco Fraatz
Marco Fraatz
PhD, Academic
Workspaces is like having a shortcut to everything on your Mac in one place. Combining apps and documents next to each other and orgainishing by tasks and functions. It has changed the entire way I work for the better. I love it!
Jason Fernandez
Jason Fernandez
Film composer

Getting started

Getting Started Watch the video and easily create your first workspace
Workspaces requires macOS 10.14 or newer