SideNotes 1.3

It's the biggest update to SideNotes since the first release. It introduces iCloud synchronization, note background colors, user interface themes and many other small improvements.

New Features

  • iCloud synchronization between computers
    Requires macOS 11
  • Refined User Interface
  • Notes can have background color now (instead of bar)
  • Greyed out markdown syntax characters
  • User Interface Themes
  • Choosing font family for notes
  • Folder sorting
  • Quickly copying content of note via Share menu
  • Note and folder URLs
  • Markdown inline links
  • Choosing default color for a new note
  • Increased frequency of automatic backups (each 15, 30 and 45 minutes)
  • Quick moving note to top and bottom
  • New shortcut to change status of a task (CMD-.)
  • Defining a global shortcut for searching
  • CMD W now hides the app
  • Choosing where new notes and folders should be created (top, bottom, over current one, under current one)
  • Choosing if app should ask for folder when creating new notes using global shortcut
  • Reorganized Preferences window
  • Opening last folder on app restart
  • New shortcut to go to the last folder (CMD-OPT-O)
  • Defining a global shortcut to creating a new note from pasteboard
  • New introduction
  • Added folder name to search result
  • Setting note colors using keyboard shortcuts (CMD-num)
  • App now displays a guide line to resize the window

Bug Fixes

  • Command-num on numeric keyboard did not work
  • Drag and drop files to other apps was not always working
  • Using Hot Side, app disappeared when launched using global shortcut
  • Text copied from Microsoft apps (OneNote, Word, etc) was pasted as an image
  • Dragging and dropping colors did not work
  • Esc key while word completion did move to folder list

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.15 or newer
  • for iCloud synchronization: macOS 11 or newer


  • $19.99, one time payment
  • free update for SideNotes 1.x users


You can download this release here.