Create Mind Maps From Your Notes

If you're a MindNode user, you can start working on your mind map in SideNotes.

All you need is to create a note with an outline structure. Like this:

A note

Tip: to shift your text right, just press [ and to shift the text left, press ]

So, when you have such note, simply open the shortcut and you'll get a proper mind map and you can continue working on it in MindNode.

Quickly Open Existing Mind Maps

In SideNotes, you can store a file shortcut that can be open quickly. All you need is to drag a file and drop it into your note (or as a new note.)

Now you don't have to look for the file anymore. Simply open SideNotes, double-click the file and that's it.

Shortcut to a mindmap

Get MindNode via Setapp

It's worth mentioning that both SideNotes and MindNode are available on Setapp, which provides you access to over 200 apps for just $9.99 a month.

Get the Shortcut

To download this shortcut, simply click the following button:

Download Shortcut

You can also find more shortcuts on the Shortcuts page.