Using Hookmark with SideNotes

Hookmark is an application that creates and stores bi-directional links to various kinds of resources (files, applications, notes, websites, etc) on your computer. That might sound mysterious, but the idea is simple. While working on a computer, we often use various resources when working. Hookmark is the tool that links them.

How it works?

For instance, you can create a note in SideNotes and then link it to some website, file or a specific application. These links are not stored in the note itself. They are stored in Hookmark. Once you create these links, every time you open the note, you can access links to these resources by simply opening Hookmark.

Hookmark and SideNotes

Hookmark is already integrated with SideNotes, so you don't need to install anything. You can just start using it.

Now, let's take a look how to create a link to a note in SideNotes. Here is a sample note for a theme I'm working on:

A note

Now, I'd like to link it to Creating Themes article - to have a quick reference. I open Hookmark. Now, I can see that the title of the website is shown in the app. I copy a Hookmark link by clicking the second icon on the right of the website title.

Creating a link

Then I can go back to my note in order to link it to the website. To do this, I open my note and click the third icon in Hookmark. And now the website and my note are linked.

Creating a link: choosing destination

I've also linked my note to the new theme file and to the Themes page.

Now, when I open Hookmark while working with my note, I can see all the links and have quick access to both websites and the theme file.

Final Links

More information

Get Hookmark via Setapp

It's worth mentioning that both SideNotes and Hookmark are available on Setapp, which provides you access to over 200 apps for just $9.99 a month.