Five Tricks to Get More out of SideNotes

Take your notes and move between folders even faster. Learn how to use SideNotes advanced features and work more efficiently.

New Note

Let's say you work in other app (also while in fullscreen) and you want to quickly create a new note. To do so, even if SideNotes is not visible and active, press N. SideNotes will pop up instantly with an active, newly created note.

New Note

To paste a copied text as a new note, long-press the + button while in notes view (inside a folder) and choose Note from Pasteboard option.

New Note from Pasteboard

To do it even quicker, define a shortcut for that action in Preferences → Shortcuts → Create Note from Pasteboard.

Global Shortcut for New note from Pasteboard

Switching Between Folders

If you're jumping between a few folders, there’s no need to return to the folder list every time. Just long-press back button (<). Pick the folder you need from the list of recently visited folders.

Switching between folders

If you move between two folders only, simply press O. That’ll get you to the last folder without clicking the back button over again.

New Note from Pasteboard

Launching a Website from Search Results

If you have a note that consists of a title in the first line and a website address in the second line, you can quickly launch it right from the Search window. Press R in the Search window and the website will open.

Launching from search results

Moving a Note to Other Folder

To move a note to another folder, click the arrow button on the bottom of the note and choose the destination folder. That will instantly place your note in a selected folder. In the same way, you can also move the note directly to a newly-created folder.

Moving to other folder

Using Text Snippets

With SideNotes, you can use your notes as snippets and quickly copy & paste them into other apps.

While you're working in any other app, launch the SideNotes Search window and find your snippet. There's a way to do this without going to SideNotes window. Just press the global shortcut* and the SideNotes Search window will appear over your currently used app.

Press C to copy your note without the first line (it's useful if you use the first line for a title). Or press C to copy all the content (including the first line).

*To open SideNotes Search window while working in any other app, set a global shortcut - this tip explains how to do it.


The search window automatically disappears. The last app you were using will be back in front so you can paste the copied text there. Just press V to paste your text snippet.