8 Years of Apptorium

8 Years of Apptorium

Another year behind us. Last year I wrote about our history. This year I will focus on our future.

It was quite a productive year. We haven’t done any big release, but we were really hard working. Here is a quick summary what we were focused on and what we’re going to release soon.


New note-taking app with a stunning user interface. Supporting Markdown, tasks, pictures. Quietly hidden on your monitor side. Currently in private beta.


Workspaces 2

Completely redesigned user interface. Lots of changes and new features like quick searching and notes for every workspace and more. Soon we’re releasing a beta.


TeaCode 2

It’s a big step forward. Expander repositories, custom programming languages, context and global variables and the best thing... scripts, so you will be able to do almost anything with the output code. Application is avaialble on our Slack channel. Public beta will be released within couple of months.


Other apps

We are also working on FiveNotes and ScreenFocus update. They will be updated later this year.


This year we discounted 4 apps: TeaCode, Workspaces ScreenFocus and FiveNotes. Enjoy! 🎂