12 Years of Apptorium

12 Years

We're happy to celebrate 12th birthday of Apptorium!

The last year was full of work. We've released our first iOS app, made updates to existing applications, and we've been working on completely new things, which we can't reveal yet. But can't wait for it.

We would also like to say thank you to our users for lots of precious feedback.

SideNotes for iOS & iPadOS

The biggest release of the past year was SideNotes for iOS. That's the first iOS app that we've made publicly as Apptorium (we've had been making iOS apps in the past before we started making apps for Macs.) It helped SideNotes users to have access to their notes everywhere.

SideNotes for iOS


I'm also happy that Workspaces had an update that introduced support for running Apple Shortcuts and provided new Apple Script API. That opens many new possibilities to set up a workspace adjusted to task we're working on.


A few weeks ago we've also released Keystroke ‐ new free plugin for Workspaces to perform a defined keyboard shortcut.


But that's not all

During the past year, we've done lots of other things. Not published yet, but we can't wait to share it with you!

Soon we're releasing FiveNotes 3: a little app for small notes. I can't say anything more at this point, but it will bring lots of changes. It was one of the first little apps we've made. And now it's time to make it even better. At this point the app is finished, but we're working on a one more thing.

The other app that we've made a few years ago is Expressions. It's a great looking tool for testing regular expressions. And it's time for an update, as well. We've made lots of work recently. It already provides lots of new features, but it's not finished yet. In a couple of weeks, we're going to release a beta version for our Newsletter subscribers.

SideNotes also got a few updates and some new themes.

The last big thing we've been working on is SideNotes 2.0. It's been awaited by many people. The app has lots of new features suggested by the users. We can't wait to finish it. However, I can't say any date yet, as it still needs some work.


This year we've discounted SideNotes, Workspaces and SideNotes for iOS / iPadOS. Other apps will be discounted later, as they get updated to the new version.