Workspaces 2.1

Apple Shortcuts support, new Apple Script API and improvements

Workspaces 2.1

New Features

  • Apple Shortcuts support

    From now on, Workspaces can run your shortcuts!

    Requires macOS 12
    Apple Shortcuts support
  • Apple Script API

    Integrate Workspaces with other apps. Use Apple Script API for searching, creating, modifying and deleting workspaces and their resources. You can also start or finish workspaces.

    Apple Script API
  • Apple Shortcuts actions

    Create shortcuts with Workspaces actions: find workspaces and their resources, create new workspaces, launch particular resources, start and finish workspaces.

    Requires macOS 12
    Apple Shortcuts actions


  • New URL-s

    Now you can show a workspace or resource using URL: workspaces://show/resource-or-workspace-id

  • User Interface improvements

  • Refreshed resource icons

  • User Interface improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Application was lagging when lots of disk operations were performed
  • New line character wasn't removed from URL
  • Minor bug fixes

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14 or newer
  • for Shortcuts support: macOS 12 or newer


  • $19.99, one-time payment
  • free update for Workspaces 2.x users


You can download this release here.