SideNotes for iPhone and iPad

We have some exciting news to share! SideNotes for iOS / iPadOS is here.

SideNotes for iPhone and iPad

We would like to thank all our beta testers. We really appreciate that you contribute to improving our app.

So far, SideNotes allowed you to sync your notes between Macs. Now, with the new SideNotes for iOS / iPadOS, you can take your notes on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Comfortably, anywhere.

SideNotes for Mac turned out to be super useful as a quick note-taking app. Many of you asked for iOS version. Now, when any important info needs to be saved, you can grab it with SideNotes on your mobile device, so nothing gets lost.

How to get SideNotes for iPhone and iPad?

You can download SideNotes from the App Store. For more information visit SideNotes for iPhone and iPad website.

Get SideNotes for Mac

If you don't have SideNotes for Mac yet, don’t hesitate to try it. You can get it from its website.