Workspaces 1.4 is here

The newest Workspaces is another small update. However it bringes two changes that we found important.

Redesigned Workspaces Browser

The first thing will probabily be noticed by everyone. We redesigned the Workspaces Browser (the popover in the menubar.) The Edit button has been moved to the top right, and the header is purple. Just like Workspaces icon. There are also some other small improvements.

New Workspace Browser

We are pretty sure that some people would prefer the old, light header. You can change it in the Preferences by unchecking the Purple header option.


New resource type: URL

Workspaces has always allowed to open any website address in the web browser (like Safari.) However, there are other types of URLs as well. Some applications including Workspaces allow to get URL to particular resources. And now Workspaces allows to open any URL.


Other improvements

We also made smaller changes like improved archived workspaces view, new about window, and bug-fixes.

Where to get it from

If you don't have Workspaces yet, you can download it from its page.