SideNotes 1.2

We've just released SidesNotes 1.2. It brings lots of improvements, but the biggest new feature are Automatic Backups.

New Icon

For many Mac user the biggest upcoming event of this year is the release of macOS Big Sur. It introduces a redesigned interface, including app icons. We've adjusted SideNotes icon, as well.


Automatic Backups

There are two groups of people: the ones who make backups and the ones who will make backups.

If you ever experienced a broken hard drive or accidentally deleted anything you shouldn't have deleted, you probably do regular backups. But it's not funny to be in that group.

In SideNotes 1.2 we've implemented Automatic Backups. They are being made automatically while you’re changing your notes. Application cleans old ones and keeps backups made in every hour (for past 24 hours), in every day (for 7 days) and in every week (for 20 weeks). If you accidentally delete a note or a folder, there is a good chance of restoring it.

You can even store your backups in any cloud service, by setting backup directory in PreferencesBackups.

Other Improvements

SideNotes brings also many smaller improvements, including:

  • spell checking when you're typing (you can also disabled it in Preferences)
  • cmd+click a file shortcut to reveal the file
  • when you click on a rendered color, its hexadecimal representation is saved in Pasteboard
  • an option to enter folder using return key instead of cmd+down
  • setting line and paragraph height
  • when you press return after a tasks 2 times, the empty task checkmark is deleted now

We've also improved User Interface and performance of longer notes. Full list of changes, see Release Notes.

Get SideNotes

If you don't have SideNotes, you should definitely try it. You can get it from its website.