What editors are supported?

TeaCode is supported by most (we believe that by all of them, but we're not able to test each one) of native macOS text editors (e.g. Xcode, TextMate, Coda, Espresso, etc.). They just work.


Not-native editors, especially the ones written in JavaScript with no Accessibility support, need plugins to work with TeaCode.

Plugins provide different keyboard shortcut from the ones for native editors. So far every plugin expands the pattern by pressing ++e (ctrl+cmd+e).

AppCode, PHPStorm, IntelliJ and other JetBrains IDEs

  1. Download TeaCode package
  2. In Preferences, go to plugins and click Install plugin from disk....
  3. Choose plugin file.
  4. Restart IDE.
  5. Use ++e to expand text.


  1. Download TeaCode package
  2. Copy package to ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime/Installed Packages
  3. Use ++e to expand text.


  1. Install teacode-atom-helper package.
  2. Use ++e to expand text.

Visual Studio Code

  1. Install TeaCode VSC Helper extension.
  2. Use ++e to expand text.

Other editors

We are going to make another plugins within next weeks. Currently on our list are: BBEdit, Brackets, VIM, MonoDevelop (Visual Studio for Mac). If you need other editor, please send us a message with its name.