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Cursor Teleporter

Multi display set-ups are pretty standard these days. Or one big, wide display. That's quite convenient, but often causes one issue: traveling long distances with your mouse or touchpad. It's not great for your wrist, quite inconvenient and time-consuming. Especially, if you're working with many apps at once on multiple monitors.

So I've come up with a solution with a single keystroke, or a single click of a customizable button in my mouse, the cursor goes to the next monitor - either to its last location on this screen, or to previously selected point.

And that's what Cursor Teleporter does.

How does it work?

Cursor Teleporter works in two modes:

  • automatic mode – the app moves the cursor to the lastly-used location on the next monitor
  • manual mode - you can select any points (even on a single monitor) and the app moves the cursor between them. It's useful for big monitors and for precision-demanding tasks.


Cursor can be teleported by pressing a keyboard shortcut (by default it's Control-Option-Command-X) which you can adjust in Settings.

The application also offers a URL-based API and a helper app Teleport which allows you to integrate Cursor Teleporter with customizable mouse buttons. You can find an example of that integration for Logitech Devices.


Cursor Teleporter allows you to:

  • quickly move mouse cursor to the next monitor while remembering the last location on each monitor
  • move mouse cursor to selected points which is important for precision-demanding tasks
  • choose one of 3 animations which makes finding the cursor easier (animations might be also completely disabled)
  • integrate the app with custom mouse buttons using provided URL-based API or Teleport app
  • set custom keyboard shortcuts
  • launch on system startup


The price is $7.99 and it's one-time purchase. For start, we've discounted it to $4.99 until February 11th, 2024.

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More information about the app and a trial version you can find on its website: