Release Notes

Workspaces 2.0.2

  • Fixed: URL for running workspaces and resources was generated incorrectly
  • Fixed: choosing custom web browser when web address was entered manually
  • Fixed: choosing workspace launched on app start

Workspaces 2.0 (released as 2.0.1)

It's a completely new, redesigned app. Most important changes:

  • new, totally redesigned User Interface
  • plugins
  • searching for workspaces and resources
  • commands
  • new keyboard shortcuts
  • workspace sorting
  • separators
  • workspace icons
  • share extension
  • resources delaying after pressing start button
  • ability to run resources on finish
  • markdown-based notes with tasks
  • TouchBar support
  • adding resources right from the Pasteboard
  • templates

Workspaces 1.5

Workspaces 1.5 is focused on continuing user interface enhancing, so the app becomes more intuitive, simple and clean.

  • new introduction video for new users
  • redesigned Preferences
  • editor interface enhancements
  • browser interface enhancements
  • minor improvements

Workspaces 1.4

  • redesigned workspace browser (popover)
  • new resource type: URL
  • improved archive workspace view
  • new About window
  • fixed resource deleting using keyboard shortcut

Workspaces 1.3.2

  • fixed application adding

Workspaces 1.3.1

  • fixed URL fragment encoding
  • fixed Terminal resource saving

Workspaces 1.3

  • application remembers resources even if their location on disk changes
  • user interface improvements
  • every workspaces and resource has now its unique path which can launch it
  • fixed umlauts handling in links
  • editor columns can change their size

Workspaces 1.2

  • ability to launch app on system start
  • cleaned user interface of Preferences
  • external drives support
  • renaming is now possible from menu as well
  • other small bug fixes and improvements

Workspaces 1.1

  • workspaces archiving
  • extended app list for folders
  • setting window height
  • setting default terminal app
  • setting default value for automatic / manual action
  • shortcut list in Preferences
  • minor bug fixes