SideNotes 1.1

First update to SideNotes. Introducing Searching, Share Extension, File Shortcuts and more.

New Features

  • Searching for notes and folders
  • Share Extension
  • New option to show and hide the app - by clicking on a menubar icon
  • Moving notes to other folders
  • Dropping any file on the app will create a shortcut to that file with a nice preview
  • Running on startup
  • New keyboard shortcut to pin the app window
  • New keyboard shortcut to move notes up and down
  • New keyboard shortcut to create a new note from pasteboard
  • Ability to set dark and light appearance manually
  • Apple Script: ability to get current folder and selected note
  • New empty note placeholders

Bug Fixes

  • On clickable elements in notes that were on screen bottom
  • URL-s with dash were not working
  • Escape key did not work properly during editing folder name
  • Other application scrollbars were not working

System Requirements

macOS 10.14 or newer


  • $19.99, one-time payment
  • free update for SideNotes 1.0 users


You can download this release here.