SideNotes for iPhone and iPad

Take your notes with you

SideNotes for iPhone and iPad

SideNotes is a simple note-taking app for all your quick notes: to-do’s, links, pictures, snippets and more.

Synced across your devices: Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Now with you, wherever you go.


Displaying SideNotes on iPad

To work efficiently, you can display your notes in three ways:

  • Full Screen

    Full Screen

    To focus on your notes only

  • Split View

    Split View

    To easily take notes while using
    other app, i.e. researching

  • Slide Over

    Slide Over

    To quickly slide your notes in, grab what you
    need and get back to you main app/work

SideNotes for iOS / iPadOS vs macOS – Differences

SideNotes for iOS / iPadOS isn't an exact copy of the desktop version. The look and feel are very similar, your notes are all editable, but there are some differences. File shortcuts, Backups aren't present in the mobile version.

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iPhone and Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

  • One time payment or a subscription?

    One time payment

  • I bought SideNotes for macOS. Do I need to pay for iOS / iPadOS version?

    Yes. It's sold separately for a half of the price of macOS version ($9.99 USD). You get app both for iOS and iPadOS.

  • What are the system requirements?

    iOS 15 / iPadOS 15

  • Is this a fully-native iOS iPadOS app?

    Yes, we use pure SwiftUI / UIKit to develop our apps.

  • How is that app different from the regular SideNotes (for macOS)?

    Most of the app behaves the same way as the macOS app, but we didn't want to make an exact copy of it. Mobile User Interfaces are simpler and we wanted to make the app in this way. The app comes with basic features, but also it provides some extra ones that are not available on macOS. Due to technical differences of operating systems, mobile version doesn't support file shortcuts. On iPadOS, you can also use SlideOver to have a bit of similar way of accessing the app like on macOS.

  • Is the app be available on Setapp?

    Currently, we have no plans to release the app on Setapp.

One-time Payment

You pay once and SideNotes is yours.


SideNotes requires iOS / iPadOS 15 or newer


First there was
SideNotes for Mac

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