Workspaces 1.5

Christmas is coming very soon. So we've been doing some cleaning in Workspaces. The new version is focused on continuing user interface enhancing, so the app becomes more intuitive, simple and clean.

Introduction Video

The very first thing is the introduction video. Before this version, new users used to see a graphic, when they first run the app. Now they see a simple, nice, introduction video. Here you can watch it as well:

Cleanings in Workspace Browser and Editor

Now every resource that is run when you click the START button, is marked with a purple dot. The Editor and Browser was also cleaned.

New Browser

Redesigned Preferences

The last thing is Preferences window. We completely redesigned it. Just have a look:

Redesigned Preferences


All the users will receive the update for free. If you don't have Workspaces yet, you can download it from its website:

Merry Christmas!