SideNotes 1.3 is Here

We're really happy to say that SideNotes 1.3 is out. It is the biggest update since 1.0.

Before we start, we need to thank our users. Since the first release, we've received lots of great feedback. Many of the improvements were made because you've suggested them. Ant that makes this app better and better. Thank you!

iCloud Synchronization

New SideNotes introduces iCloud Synchronization. It's a huge improvement if you use multiple computers. Enabling this feature is totally optional, so it's up to you if you enable it or not. We must also mention that iCloud synchronization requires macOS 11 or newer.

Note Colors

To distinguish notes, SideNotes offers color bars. Now you can choose between using the bar or having whole background in particular color.

Note Colors


We believe that SideNotes looks great as it is. Since its first launch, it has offered dark and light user interface. But everyone has their own preferences, so we've made Themes.


Application provides a few built-in themes. We've also launched an online Theme gallery, so you can get more themes. You can event create your own ones. We described that in Creating Themes article.

Other Improvements

That's not all. We've made other nice improvements:

  • greyed out Markdown markup
  • changing font in PreferencesText
  • options for creating new notes (see PreferencesCreating Notes)
  • new global keyboard shortcuts (see PreferencesShortcuts)
  • folder sorting
  • quickly copying content of note via Share menu
  • URL-s of notes and folders
  • Markdown inline links
  • choosing default color for a new note
  • quick moving note to top and bottom of the folder
  • new keyboard shortcut to change state of a task (.)
  • opening last folder on app restart
  • new shortcut to go to the last folder (O)
  • folder name is displayed in the search results

There are also other improvements and fixes. For more, read the Release Notes.

Get SideNotes

If you already have SideNotes, you should have received a free update. If you don't have SideNotes, well, now it's the great time to get it